Ordering a painting from me is easy! Here are my prices and some frequently asked questions. Get in touch if you'd like to commission a painting or ask me a question.


These prices are for unframed paintings and in the case of portraits, for 1 to 2 person portraits.


For other sizes and shapes please contact me directly to discuss options and prices.


Q- Can I get a painting from a photo?

A- Yes! I can work from photos that you send me via email. I can help you with choosing the most suitable photo for your painting.

Q- How many people can I have in my painting?

A- The prices listed above are for 1 or 2 person portraits. Having 3 or more people will affect the cost of the painting and the time it takes to complete. Contact me to discuss larger group paintings.

Q- Are the finished paintings framed?

A- No. Your completed painting will be unframed. If you need help with framing I'm happy to discuss options with you!

Q- How long does it take to do a painting?

A- I can usually have your completed painting ready in about 2-3 weeks. However, I work on a first come - first serve basis, so it depends on where you are in the queue. Please book well ahead for special occasions!

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